Nadya Mundo has been supporting governance strengthening programmes through the education, justice, and infrastructure sectors on five continents.

Our work spans both developed and developing nations, including post-conflict and fragile states.  

Our specialty is providing targeted and contextually relevant training, education and evaluation services to clients in the public and private sectors.  We train teachers and trainers to be effective in the classroom and online, and project managers to lead efficiently and purposefully. 

We’ve trained teachers and trainers in places as varied as Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Mexico, French Polynesia and Uruzghan (Afghanistan). Our audiences have ranged in number from 2 to over 100,000 teachers and trainers.

Our expertise in the full programmatic cycle: analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation – has enabled us to engage in collaborative partnerships on varied projects that include: crafting government policies, building schools in conflict zones, creating English teaching websites, and evaluating $500M justice sector programmes.

Our strong research background includes qualitative and quantitative evaluation services that center on training local staff to collect data and provide input to analyses in order to accurately inform recommendations. Nadya Mundo’s qualitative study of a $500M justice sector strengthening program in Afghanistan used local legal advisors who we trained to code, enter and analyze data using a sophisticated software analysis tool.

We have a keen understanding of challenging environments and the ability to operate within those restrictions and get the job done. In Afghanistan, Nadya Mundo supported capacity building in the infrastructure and energy sectors in Helmand Province through training management staff and teachers to deliver industry-standard technical training to government and private sector firms.



Expertise in the full programmatic cycle

  • Analysis

  • Design

  • Development

  • Implementation 

  • Evaluation